Thursday, 3 March 2011


 I bleed ink on to paper, which contains all my imaginations

Fashion : Benjart UK Clothing Brand

Benjart Clothing Youtube Tv channel coming soon 
Follow him on twitter @BenjartUK  and support the movement. Go get your Benjart Clothing from 
(video link from YouTube)

Music: So ClassAct

Big Tune Right now Tyga ,Pharrell , Game and Snoop Dogg coming together to make a banger Really Raw.
(link from YouTube) 'So...ClassAct


'So...ClassAct' Fashion: i have been looking at websites or companies that supply Bling and I found The Bling King which supplies quality urban accessories from watches, earrings, chains, pendants an much more and a good price. So go get yours you can even find them on Ebay

Fashion: Creative Recreation Lifestyle Footwear

Creative Recreation Lifestyle Footwear. they supply sleek yet urban footwear which appeals to all sorts of lifestyle. a life of skating, to formal dinners and super casual outings. They will supply it. follow them on twitter
@Creativerec.( link from YouTube)